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Puerto Rico Map Wood Art

Puerto Rico Map Wood Art

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Puerto Rico Map Wood Art, a great way to keep Puerto Rico closer to your heart. Great to hang on the bedroom, living room or office. 

Material: 1/4" thick Birch Plywood.

HOW TO ORDER Puerto Rico Map Wood Art:

1. Select your desired width size from the drop down menu
2- Click “Add to Cart” button
3- Complete payment details and checkout

Puerto Rico Map Wood Art has the word HOME cut out in the center.

All orders are out of the shop in 24-48 hours during business days.
We will include your tracking information when your order has shipped.

HANGING Puerto Rico Map Wood Art?

WALL- We highly recommend using command strips, which are easy to use and come off the wall cleanly if needed and doesn’t leave any damage to the walls. Also, small nails on the wall will hold the sign easily.

BACKDROP/GREEN WALL- We recommend using clear fishing line, and then either tie the line from the signs to the top of the frame of the backdrop or string the line through the openings in the word and tie to the branches/leaves.


What to do if the Puerto Rico Map Wood Art arrived broken or damaged?

No worries, we insure all packages. We need to open a claim within 60 days of package being shipped. In order to open a claim to receive a replacement we need the following.

- A picture of the broken or damage Puerto Rico Map Wood Art
- A picture of the outside package or box, all sides
- A picture of the inside protectors, edge corners, wood protectors, etc.
- A picture of the shipping label, legible.
- A contact phone number

Once we get the pictures and information, we will open a claim with the carrier and work on the replacement.

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