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Custom Stencil

Custom Stencil

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Create your own Reusable stencil word or a phrase on your favorite font.

How to order:

- Select width size
- Select Material thickness (7mil or 10mil) 
- Select font from the drop down menu
- Add name or phrase under personalization box to preview the available fonts, select your favorite one.


For custom logo, company logo or designs, send us your design file stencil ready and we will cut it for you.


Mylar Properties: All grades of mylar are made of the same translucent material. They are all food grade material, flexible but are dimensionally stable and do not stretch like vinyl for example. The only difference is in the thickness of the mylar. A mil is 1/1000th of an inch. Newspaper is approximately 3 mil a business card is about 12 mil. We offer 7 and 10 mil. As you get thicker the mylar is less stiff and will be slightly opaquer. It doesn’t have an adhesive backing.

-The stencil size on this listing is the size of your actual area you are painting. We add an extra 1.5” inches around the design to add a frame for easy stenciling.

The smaller we can cut letters is .5" height. If you need a phrase, please reach out to us and we can do a muck up to recommend the right size.

Measure: Please measure the area that you will be stenciling in order to determine the size that you’d like the actual design to be.

-The height will vary based on the combination between the amount of letter, width selected, and font selected.

**If you need a size that isn’t listed, feel free to contact us.

Need Proof:
If you need proof before cutting, please add a note under personalization during checkout. Otherwise, your order will be processed within 24-48 hours.

Step 1:

Hold your stencil in place. Many people use masking tape or painters’ tape to hold the stencil in place. You may also wish to consider using a repositioning stencil adhesive. This is a light adhesive spray that you can apply to the back of your stencil. The adhesive will hold the entire back of the stencil to your surface instead of only the areas that are taped. The adhesive allows you to achieve outstanding results for creating a crisp stencil job. The adhesive will gradually wear off your stencil as you use it and, at this point, you need to spray the back of the stencil with adhesive again. The adhesive will not leave any residue or damage your stenciling surface. You can remove the adhesive with acetone or any product that removes adhesive. It is available at almost every craft supply or art supply store.

Step 2:

Applying paint to a stencil is easy. If you are decorating or sign making you may wish to consider using a dry stencil paint and a brush. These items are available at all craft supply stores and they give the user full control over creating a crisp stenciled finished product. There are many great paints available for decorative stenciling and we recommend you become familiar with these products by visiting a local craft supply store.

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