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Happy Birthday Wood Sign Stacked

Happy Birthday Wood Sign Stacked

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Happy Birthday Stacked Wood Sign, a great way to decor your next Birthday event. Material: 1/4" thick Birch Plywood. This signs comes in natural color - It looks great and is ready to be used.

Choose from one of the available size:

    • 12" wide x 8.6" height
    • 18"
    • wide x 12.9" 
    • height
    • 23"
    • wide x 16.5" 
    • height
    • 30"
    • wide x 21.5" 
    • height
    • 36"
    • wide x 25.8" 
    • height
    • 42"
    • wide x 30.2" 
  • height

If you want it painted, no problem, you can tint or paint it with your favorite color. We recommend Rust Oleum 2X Spray Paint, available in any hardware store. 

We ship this sign with the wood frame were we cut it, it can be used to store it for future events. 

To hang it, you can use the natural loops from the sign and fishing line for temporary hanging. For a permanent placement, double side tape is recommended. 

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