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Custom Wood Signs

Custom Wood Signs

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Custom Wood Sign, a great way to personalize your nursery, birthday party, bedroom, living room, office and more. 

Our Custom Wood Sign are done in Natural Color only. You can use it this way or DIY Paint or Stain it. 

Custom Wood Sign is available from 12" wide up to 42" per sign. We can work phrases and other custom logos as a custom order. 

For stacked signs use our stacked sign listing 

Material used for our Custom Wood Sign is 1/4" thick Birch Plywood.

Some fonts preview Upper case letters separate to the rest of the word. We do weld all letters to the word in order to be one piece altogether.

• If you write two words with space between words, we will send two separate Custom Wood Signs, one per word. Example "Mary Jane" totaling the size selected overall, not per word.

• If you write two words together with no space between words, we will send one Custom Wood Sign, both words together. Example: "MaryJane"

• If you need a few words to be symmetrical, add a note during checkout, otherwise we will send each word the width selected. We recommend doing it symmetrical when more than one sign will be use on the same wall.  

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