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Acrylic Offset Custom Sign

Acrylic Offset Custom Sign

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Custom Acrylic Sign, a great way to personalize your nursery, birthday party, bedroom, living room, office and more. 

Custom signs sizes available from 6" wide up to 36" wide per line. When doing more than 1 line we will cut the longest line to the size selected, then following lines will be cut symmetrical.

We can work phrases and other custom logos. 

Material: 1/8" thick Cast Acrylic

We have 11 colors to choose from. 

Some fonts preview Upper case letters separate to the rest of the word. We weld all letters to the word in order to be one piece altogether.

• If you write two words with space between words, we will send two separate signs, one per words. Example "Mary Jane"

• If you write two words together with no space between words, we will send one sign, both words together. Example: "MaryJane"

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